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At a glance

Objective The fund aims to provide capital growth. The fund aims to achieve the investment objective by employing a blend of both strategic and tactical asset allocation across a diversified range of global asset classes. The fund may invest in securities, fixed income assets, Exchange Traded Funds, collective investment schemes, warrants, money market instruments, deposits, cash, near cash, property and commodities. Exposure to property and commodities will be via collective investment schemes and Exchange Traded Funds. The fund may also invest directly in derivative instruments (including commodity futures) for the purposes of investment and efficient portfolio management. By combining diversified and relatively uncorrelated assets, investment risk is controlled and kept in line with the Fund’s 'balanced' risk profile.
Fund launch date November 2010
OCF 0.35%
Initial charge 0%
Fund size £651.6 million
Sector IA Volatility Managed
Benchmark No benchmark applicable
Number of holdings 31
Accumulation/income Accumulation
Historic Yield 1.00%

Discrete Performance

Past Performance (% Growth)
11/12/18 - 11/12/19 11/12/17 - 11/12/18 11/12/16 - 11/12/17 11/12/15 - 11/12/16 11/12/14 - 11/12/15
12.40% -3.64% 10.69% 18.13% -

Cumulative Performance

Past Performance (% Growth)
3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years 5 years
0.47% 4.72% 12.40% 19.89% -

Fund Manager

Paul Parascandalo

Paul joined the investment industry in 2004 and Aviva Investors in 2010. He co-manages the Global Balanced Income Fund and the Global Cautious Income Fund. He is also a manager on the With Profit funds, and involved with the AIMs funds. Paul joined Aviva Investors as an Implementation Manager in the multi-asset funds, before moving into the fund management role. Prior to Aviva Investors he held a number of roles at HSBC in their private banking arm. Paul holds an MSc (Hons) in Theoretical Physics from University College London and a BSc (Hons) Financial Services from the Institute of Financial Services. He is also a CFA Charterholder.

Performance Chart

Fund Performance

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Fund Analysis

Asset allocation
Managed Funds 44.54%
International Equities 17.16%
International Bonds 16.39%
UK Equities 8.92%
Other 7.16%
Cash & Equivalent 4.78%
UK Corporate Bonds 0.57%
Property 0.48%
Top 10 holdings
Aviva Investors Multi-Strategy Target Return Class 3 1.41%
BlackRock European Absolute Alpha Class D 0.45%
BP 0.43%
Sector breakdown
Managed Funds 44.54%
Bonds 16.97%
Financials 7.28%
Alternative Trading Strategies 4.93%
Cash and Equivalents 4.78%
Technology 3.79%
Consumer Discretionary 2.98%
Industrials 2.58%
Consumer Staples 2.41%
Energy 2.34%
Health Care 2.19%
Basic Materials 1.48%
Real Estate 1.14%
Telecommunications 0.98%
Utilities 0.81%
Non-Classified 0.80%
Regional breakdown
Managed Fund 44.54%
North America 13.39%
UK 9.50%
Emerging Asia 5.80%
Non-Classified 5.52%
Cash and Equivalents 4.78%
South & Central America 3.25%
Developed Europe - Excl UK 2.64%
Developed Asia 2.51%
Middle East & Africa 2.35%
Australia & New Zealand 1.90%
Alternative Trading Strategies 1.86%
Emerging Europe 1.45%
Property 0.48%
Japan 0.02%
Market capitalisation
Mega (>50bn) 10.40%
Large (3bn-50bn) 13.21%
Medium (1bn-3bn) 1.46%
Small (50m-1bn) 1.78%
Micro (<50m) 0.00%
Cash & Equivalent 21.75%
Unknown 51.40%
Risk factors
Charges to Capital No
Emerging Markets Yes
Concentrated Portfolio No
Smaller Companies Yes
High Yield Bonds Yes
Geared Investments No
Property No
Exchange Rate Yes
Performance Charges No
Derivative Exposure Yes

The value of investments could go down as well as up. You may get back less than the amount you invested. The growth rates stated refer to the past and past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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