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You can hold your money in cash and choose your investments later. If you want to withdraw money immediately, the amount you want to withdraw needs to be available in your account as cash, with no transactions pending.

Please note, you also need cash to pay for any charges and investments may be sold to cover a charge if cash is not available.

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If you are using a mobile device you may not be able to view all the important information which you need to read before you go ahead with your transaction. If you cannot read the information please switch to a larger display if you wish to proceed.

Are you ready to apply?

Before you apply for our Investment Account make sure it's the right investment for you and that you’re aware of the risks. If, after reading this page and the information we link to, you are unsure whether an Aviva Investment Account is right for you then you should seek financial advice before going ahead.

  • Understand if it's right for you

    You will need to take a look at our Investment Account page. This will help you understand more about our Investment Account and should answer any questions you have, including whether you're eligible to apply, the minimum payments required and what our charges are. It includes important information about our Investment Account including how we will communicate with you about your investment and how you can carry out transactions (for example investing your money).

    For important information on the service we will be providing you with, read key facts about our service and costs.

  • Read our Investment Account documents

    Make sure you read the Aviva Investment Account key features, and terms and conditions. These are important documents and explain the basis of the agreement you enter into when you apply for the Investment Account. Please be aware that your terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. Examples of circumstances where we may do this are included in the terms and conditions document.

    We won't be able to provide protection for you by assessing the suitability of the investment. You must be certain the product meets your needs before deciding to go ahead.

  • Make your investment choices

    Visit Your Investment Options where you will be able to select investments based on your own priorities. We'll record your choices and add them to your investment application.

  • Fair Processing Notice

    By continuing with this application you confirm that you have read our Fair Processing Notice, which explains how we share your data and what your rights are in relation to the personal information we use to process your application.


  • The value of investments could go down as well as up. You could get back less than the amount you've invested.
  • You should think of your Investment Account as a medium- to long-term investment at a period of at least 5 years.

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We recommend you regularly review your fund choice(s) to ensure your needs are being met.

We can give you facts but not a personal recommendation

While we can give you all the facts about our products and services, we can’t give you personalised financial advice and nothing on our website is a personal recommendation.

If you are looking for a personal recommendation or you’re not sure whether a product or service is right for you, you should ask a financial adviser who may charge for their service.

If you would like more information, please visit our financial advice web page.

If you're happy to go ahead

Your account will be managed through MyAviva, a convenient online location where you can find details of Aviva products you hold. You will need to be able to access MyAviva to view your correspondence and documentation from Aviva and to carry out any transactions. You will be responsible for your own password and online security.

If you already have a MyAviva account

If you don’t have a MyAviva account

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Calls are free from UK landlines and mobile phones.
For our joint protection telephone calls may be monitored and will be recorded and saved for a minimum of five years.

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