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The Investment calculator is designed to show how putting your money into an investment product could help you to achieve your goal.

The results are based on the figures you put in and the options you choose. They are only intended to give you an indication of possible returns and are not guaranteed, and may vary considerably from other projections you receive. Investment returns can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest.

This calculator does not provide personal advice or recommendations. If you are unsure whether a product is right for you, you should speak to a financial adviser. You can find one in your local area at

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Existing Investments

The calculator applies the same level of charges and rates of growth to any new or existing investments. Please be aware that if your money is held in different types of investment they are likely to have different charges and grow at different rates, so the result can only ever be an indication of what might happen and the calculator may produce an over-estimation.

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We have a variety of investment options to help you reach your financial goals.

Depending on what option you choose there may be limits on how much you can invest and when you take money out of them. The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you could get back less than is paid in.

Nothing on this site is personalised advice or a recommendation. If you need a personalised recommendation based on your personal circumstances you should seek financial advice. You can find an adviser in your area using